parlor in the round
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Feels like dinner theater.

Sounds like a house concert.

Looks like improv comedy.

The audience roared and cackled with laughter between the verses.
— Chris Beiri, Alaska Dispatch News
Laura Orion swing 49 party.jpg

Laura Oden, Orion Donicht and Kat Moore with special guests, Swing 49 at TapRoot in Anchorage, AK


The Show

The Mountain State has its Stage and the Tiny Desk, its Concerts. This concert season Alaskans will gather at Parlor In The Round. Borrowing from the guitar pull tradition of porches and campfires, songwriters from all walks of Alaskan life (and some beyond) will trade songs and stories as they are inspired by each other.

After the intermission, tradition is cast aside as the musicians dive into collaborations, jocular inventions and premeditated musings all based on written submissions from the audience.

Kevin Worrell hosts this dinner theater, drawing out the strength and vulnerability of each artist while holding the crowd closely throughout the performance. The 49th State Brewery transforms its theater into a candle lit dining room and a hush falls over the crowd. Expect to lean in and laugh out loud at the Parlor.



Kevin Worrell
Host / Producer

Jamie Whiteman
Front of House Producer

Charles Earnshaw

Amanda Moser
PITR Song Board


Next Show

9.26.2019 Parlor in the Park

@ 5pm, Town Square Park

Season 6 Coming Soon

Anchorage, Alaska